Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer recap

Oh, boy - what a bad blogger I've been! Our summer has gone fast and been SO much better than I feared. I really dreaded the "all day, every day" feeling of summer and was sure that Carver would regress with just me as a therapist. And that I'd lose my mind. But he's been doing great!! So did I! Here's what's new:

No more naps - except for that classic dozing in the car
He's jumping like crazy. Get that kid a trampoline! :)
I hear him playing around with sounds. Big "p" sounds in particular.
We got a swingset and it's been fabulous for him. The kids play together well, too.
Carver's on a waiting list for private OT services.
He has an appointment with a pediatric neurologist next week
Preschool will be in the afternoon this year, starting Sept. 8th
Carver starts swimming lessons in a couple weeks!
He's talking so much more, has lots to tell us about.
He wants softer karate chops and tickles (a good sign!)
the yum-yum stays in the bed

We didn't have a really regular routine since there were so many trips and adventures over the summer, but he thrived on the new things to do and see. I loved seeing him play with his sisters this summer, but I think everyone is ready for a little space. I'm excited for afternoon preschool because his little sister still naps and I am GUARANTEED peace and quiet 4 days a week. WOW! Also, we can go to library storytimes and stuff together. And preschool gets the grumpy time.... when Carver really needs stuff to do. He has a new teacher this year, she seems great, he's super excited.

The pictures are from our weekend picnic dinner up at Mt. Rainier. It is rare to have any pictures of Carver turn out well, but these were pretty good!

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