Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to Preschool 2009

HURRAY! The day we've been waiting for has come. And oh - what a day. What a night before the big day...

We told Carver last night that we were taking him to a doctor in the morning, then play with Grace, eat lunch and hop on the bus to school. It's kinda routine to go through these main events ahead of time. I also use a velcro strip and pictures on the fridge to illustrate each day, at least SOME days. :) Anyway, he went to bed okay but woke up sometime... (Daddy got him first, I'm a little slower to hear things at night) and he tossed and turned and whimpered for hours. He didn't have a fever, his cold is gone, his stomach wasn't making churning noises. He just couldn't sleep. Sometimes he said that something hurt, but it wasn't clear if anything really did. We did drinks of water, a change of pjs and took turns sleeping in his bed. He seemed to calm down when we talked to each other, rubbed his arms and back and head. I began to believe that he wanted to sleep but couldn't - that he had anxiety about today. And I still believe that.

He'd asked questions about the doctor - "look tummy?" No, not this time. "Look ears?" Nope. I didn't know how to explain pediatric neurology to him. Guess I should've thought of that sooner. He asked if the doctor was nice and I had assured him he was. Daddy was coming, too, which probably triggered something unusual to him. Also, it was his first day with a new preschool teacher and the room hadn't been set up completely at the open house. It was new and different, even though we'd done it before. Preschool was after lunch instead of after breakfast. Looking back I think it was a lot to worry about. And we probably should've surprised him with the doctor part. He doesn't mind going to see a doctor and doesn't really need prep for it. I thought he might even be excited. I'll blog about that another day, but it was a really great visit. The office will send us notes from the appointment in a week and I can use them to "remember" all we talked about. It was right about 90 minutes, we got home with time for a little swingset time, some lunch and the Letter Factory as a transitional, calming time before hopping on the bus.

About 12:40 we start waiting for our 12:45 pick-up time. I shoulda known better. Buses are ALWAYS late on the 1st day.

Carver stuck a screwdriver in a random piece of Styrofoam and pretended to paint the house with a terrible squeaking noise.
Then he goofed around with Grace for awhile...

Until it was now 1 pm and I called transportation to make sure we hadn't been forgotten. Nope. Just slow buses.

Grace and Carver were yelling and hitting each other so off to her nap she went. This is actually Carver running to rescue his precious bag of school supplies - Wheat Thins and Kleenex.

And it was just the two of us. And the camera.

He swept the driveway.

He inspected the sewer. He even yelled down there a bit.

Finally, FINALLY the bus came about 1:15. Whew. It was a long wait. He was hesitant, he wanted to wait til it had stopped making those sounds buses make when they brake. Then he climbed on and waved good-bye.

And then it was VERY quiet standing in my driveway. I was a tiny, tiny bit sad about that silence. But mostly happy that we'd made it. I loved the peace and quiet that afternoon - I just need to learn how to manage my days to take the most advantage of it. I should've napped! What a concept!

I worried about how afternoon preschool would be, but Carver came off the bus happy as a clam and didn't melt down until AFTER we'd picked up the girls at their bus stop (another story for another day, but it turns out the school district thinks I can be in 2 places at once) and got in the house. A little quiet time-turned naptime and we survived. I can't let him sleep too long, but he needs a break from everything by 4:30. This just might work.


Kari George said...

Very cute! I want Carson to be able to go to preschool TOO! Who knows when that will be given the strike and everything. Oh well! We are trying to have our own fun here at home for a while longer! Can't wait to hear about your Dr. Glass appt. Take care...and definitely take a nap (I'm a huge fan of that one)!

Liliana said...

How exciting! Alyssa will be going to afternoon preschool too, when school does start. It will be a change from last year, as she had morning preschool but I think she will do great. What great pictures of Carver! You should definitely take a nap if you can. Isn't something how the school district thinks we can be everywhere at once? Ugh, now we totally need a nap. :)

Laney said...

I get anxiety the night before big things too, and I toss and turn. I can never sleep. My mind is always racing, and worrying, and wondering what is to come.

Christine said...

You are awesome! I love reading your posts... I am always inspired to try harder as a mother. And Yay! for Carver, too. I think bravery must be one of his special gifts. It seems like he tries so hard even when things are scary or hard for him.

donna said...

I loved school really, but I hated the first day. Even in college. Sounds like the two of you did great!