Monday, December 29, 2008


The other night Carver and I were cleaning up his big beads and strings that G&G made him. He reached and stretched to get one under his bed, came up and declared: "I did it!" His first sentence and it couldn't have been more appropriate.

A few days later, I was telling him he couldn't have more water (the kid had probably 12 ounces at dinnertime) because he'd wet the bed. (We've had that problem recently and he's still in diapers!) He copied right back, "wet the bed" clear as day. 3 whole words together! YIPPEE!

I have wondered lately how often he cognitively speaks in sentences that we just don't understand. Often there are strings of sounds that might be words, but we would never know it. Speech delays are interesting in that way because it's SO difficult to interpret what represents a lack of communication and what is a cognitive delay, as well. I guess we'll never really have answers for that one, but I'm sure excited to see this progress.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snow days for Carver

This week we've been snowed in and missed 3 days of preschool in a row. I can't tell you how much it's made me appreciate preschool even more, just when I didn't think that was possible! :)

Yesterday in one phone call of reasonable length, he grabbed the butter out of the fridge to go squirt/shoot his sisters. One stick in each hand. As I put it back, I noticed the mustard on the kitchen floor, thankfully unopened. MINUTES later, he was carrying around the chunk of cheese from the fridge. Then it was the toilet paper, pulling it off with the intention of blowing his nose in it, but he doesn't have the skills to know how much is enough or how to stop - it's addicting, that TP. Then it was pushing the stool up to the sink to try and get water in a little cup he'd been playing with. Then to the pantry to try and help himself to fruit snacks, which brought the whole tub of snacky food down to the ground, spilling only slightly this time. I'm not exaggerating when I say that nearly every time I turn around, he's into something else inappropriate. He might just be running through the girls' play, taking toys from Grace, opening the front door because he can and because I'll ALWAYS come running to keep the snowy day outside. Maybe he's asking for play-doh, emptying something in the floor of the closet - something loud and with many pieces, a puzzle or the box of dominoes. Later, it was the pipe cleaners from our morning project with the girls spread all over the kitchen floor again.

I can see that he's searching for something, that he NEEDS something. But what? Why doesn't play-doh fix it? He's not hungry for food, he's hungry for sensory input. This is my sensory seeking boy - always seeking, trying to find it. I try to give him big squeezes, tight hugs, throws onto the couch, play-doh time, coloring, sticking connect-four style circles into a Fisher Price Noah's ark game. He loves the time with me, but I still never feel like he's satiated. Just writing this helps me organize my thoughts and try to see patterns. Because just like Carver, I'm always seeking answers and help.

Snow days are also hard because his big sisters are both home all day. Not only do they need something to do (even the best 5 year old and 7 year old can't entertain and feed themselves ALL day!), but they boss and nag and yell, "Car-VER!" in that way they've certainly heard their mother address her sweet boy. It's exhausting. I'm impatient with their impatience and that's no solution, for any of us.

We have one more chance for preschool tomorrow and then it's winter break anyway. It's going to be a LONG time til Jan 6. I've found myself slacking in our sweet preschool routine. It doesn't require as much of me and he's so fulfilled. Now it's back to the pre-preschool days (can you say that?) and I'm back to searching for more than a basic understanding of SPD. I need to know how to satiate this boy, which activities are going to fill his need. Am I supposed to be trying to calm him? Or get him going? I'm never sure.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Recent Successes

Here's a few things I don't want to forget:

Carver learned to JUMP a couple weeks ago! HURRAY for him! It's so cute, a full-body wind-up for a very little bit of air cleared by those little boy toes. We cheered and cheered!

Carver ate his yogurt without a drip TWO days in a row after preschool last week. He used his spoon to wipe his chin, too. I really believe it comes from a fabulous sensory diet at preschool. He comes home on top of his game. It's amazing to see.

Our dear friend, Sue, dropped by with a surprise for Carver. A brand new Sonicare toothbrush! She happened to have a stash at her house and wanted to share with us after reading his blog. Not just Carver, though - even mom and dad got one! I was so touched by her thoughtfulness and the generosity of her gift. WOW! Although it's going to take me some practice to get used to that kind of vibration in my mouth. I can't believe Carver loves it so much! It's pretty intense for typical mouths like mine. :) He LOVES it, though. In his mouth, on his cheeks, lips, neck, even his armpit once. (Yum!) Thank you, thank you, Sue!!