Monday, December 29, 2008


The other night Carver and I were cleaning up his big beads and strings that G&G made him. He reached and stretched to get one under his bed, came up and declared: "I did it!" His first sentence and it couldn't have been more appropriate.

A few days later, I was telling him he couldn't have more water (the kid had probably 12 ounces at dinnertime) because he'd wet the bed. (We've had that problem recently and he's still in diapers!) He copied right back, "wet the bed" clear as day. 3 whole words together! YIPPEE!

I have wondered lately how often he cognitively speaks in sentences that we just don't understand. Often there are strings of sounds that might be words, but we would never know it. Speech delays are interesting in that way because it's SO difficult to interpret what represents a lack of communication and what is a cognitive delay, as well. I guess we'll never really have answers for that one, but I'm sure excited to see this progress.


Dlang said...

THat is great about Carver! You may want to check out a new pr oduct that is showing great promise for children with apraxia. I found it on the internet when I was researching about apraxia. It is called speak and the company is ofering a free box to any family that wants to try it. My sisters son is taking it and she is noticing improvement. the site to get the free box is Good luck to you and Carver! D

Sue said...