Friday, May 8, 2009

The Black Mamba

Monday night our family attended "The Reptile Man" show at the elementary school. $2 a person and we saw load of creepy reptiles, not the least of which was the infamous Black Mamba snake of Africa. It's a grey, long skinny snake with a black mouth. It gets to be 15 feet long, slithers 10 mph and kills 9/10 victims. The Reptile Man said that when they feed the males (who are much more aggressive than the females), they drop a mouse in and the snakes can bite the mouse TWICE before the mouse even reaches the floor of the cage. Is that scary or what?!! All around a friendly sort of animal. I'd show you a picture, (I even found one online), but I hate snakes. It totally creeped me out. I can't see an close-up of my least favorite creature on my little boy's blog!

So Mr. Reptile teases the crowd by pretending to lose control of this vicious predator and sends two black fabric springy things FLYING into the audience. Carver was nervous about the whole of snakes to begin with, but he'd been doing okay once we got there. It was crowded and we were at the very back, holding him up to see. Thankfully, he was only startled when the pretend snakes jumped out. I was so proud of him not getting freaked out by anything that night, despite the crowds and all the big reptiles.

The truly funny part is that when the real Black Mamba came out, Carver put his hands up to his neck and goes, "awwww" - the sound he makes for holding babies and little kittens and things. We were laughing so hard. I didn't want to forget, but we probably won't. We keep quoting him and saying, "awww, the little Black Mamba." Even after his apparent affection for venemous snakes, he wasn't interested in staying to touch the big albino python with the girls. Not that I blame him a bit!


Emperor of EUtopia said...

Totally creepy snake. Now I'm going to have snake nightmares. Thanks! JK!

donna said...

And to think Hailey learned to like them!