Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh, dear

Tonight Derek came home and as I hugged him, noticed a funny smell. "Have you been painting your nails on the way home from work?" I teased. Then it clicked - it was coming from upstairs. DANG IT!!! I ran up to the computer desk where I remembered instantly I'd left my tightly shut Nail Envy.

Serves me right for not putting back in the bathroom cupboard, but Carver opened it up and let it leak on the carpet, drip on the computer keyboard in a few places (the "zx" is what you get if you press Z and the TAB feels a little weird, too) and he must have wiped some on his hair because there is a VERY crusty streak over his ear. Someday, someday, SOMEDAY he's going to stop doing stuff like this and I'll look back and think it's funny, right?

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Kari George (AKA Mom) said...

ARGH!!! I totally feel your pain! My boys tend to be highly destructive! They are sensory seekers and Logan, especially likes to figure out how things work. You should see the stuff they destroy. I recently just removed all books and bookshelf from their rooms because I was finding torn books in the morning. Don't treat it right, don't get to play with it! Not quite your same scenario, but I doooo feel your pain.

I once spilled coffee on my brand new laptop computer (it was my Christmas present from my hubby)! It completely FRIED the whole computer!

Take a deep breath!...Give Carver a super big hug...gotta still love him!

Can't wait to catch up on Saturday!