Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I don't want to forget

Carver gave me a dandelion yesterday on the way home from the bus stop. I can't be sure it's the first time, but I think so. Very sweet.

He played outside yesterday while I weeded and got all friendly with worms and caterpillars. He wriggled a worm back and forth between his thumb and forefinger until it became 2 worms. :) He kept saying, "friend - worm!"

On the way to the bus stop today, a wasp landed on his arm. I looked down in the stroller and he was saying, "awww" to his new friend like he does for hugging babies and stuffed animals. I flicked it off and smashed it. No more wasps for friends, please.

We had jello at lunch yesterday in little plastic cups because he watched me make it the day before and saw Lydia take one in her lunch to school. He was SO excited. Sat right up there, asked for a straw and tried to drink it! :)

I keep forgetting to blog about the lack of SPIO. After months of hoping and trying, I decided it wasn't helping and it wasn't worth the hassle of keeping it clean. I still completely support SPIO and encourage it for others. I've heard enough amazing success stories first hand to believe it works for a lot of kids. It just didn't help Carver.

He's telling me lots about school lately. "Dance. Circle Time. Freeze. Stop." Or "Brown table. Snack. Cereal." I love it. I'm hearing more and more verbs, too. "eat snack" or "play sand" or "watch Kipper." Hurray!


Hopeful Mother said...

How cute that he gave you a dandelion! WHat a sweetheart.

And what speech!

I've written you before about the SPIO. We just got a SPIO shirt and pants 2 mos. ago for my son (18 mo. with possible CP and some sensory issues) and it is going well. It gives him more confidence and focus.

I'm curious if you are planning to keep the SPIO or if you would be willing to pass it on to us... I'm not sure what size it is etc. but please let me know. As you know, they are not cheap so every little bit helps!

Just thought I would ask...

donna said...

Good for Carver! We were just talking about him tonight and how well he's doing. Ever since speak therapy there's been so much progress, and it's so fun to see him excited about communicating.

Happy times for everyone!