Sunday, December 5, 2010

the BEST birthday party ever

I trusted my motherly instincts and went a little non-traditional on the party this year. We narrowed the list to just 5 boys, which means I still feel a little guilty we didn't invite any friends from school and not even all the friends from church. But Carver likes small groups and it's HIS birthday!! We went to the fire station and it was PERFECT. He loved it, the boys loved it, I loved that it was free and SO COOL and just the right amount of time. We came home for cookies and ice cream and a quick little game climbing our ladder and dropping bean bags in a box. I know, I went all out on that one. :) But they all loved it. How often do they actually get to climb the ladder at home?! Carver doesn't, that's for sure. Sometimes it takes guts to do things on Carver's terms and not feel pressured into doing things the way others do them. But it feels so good when you get it right!!


donna said...

It does take courage, but I think you get it right more often than not.

Amy and Craig said...

I'm a big fan of the "old-fashioned", "do-it-yourself" bday party! way to go! Free and successful! hurray! huzzah!

Holli said...

Hi Rachel, I found your blog doing research about SPIO suits for my son. I saw the post about the first time he used it and the red one. Did you feel like it made a difference?
Holli Murphy