Sunday, October 31, 2010

Updates, updates

Preschool is fantastic this year. Smaller class, more impressive curriculum AND they are helping him potty-train. And it's WORKING. I changed one small, insignificant stinky diaper this week. It's going that well. It's a miracle. Really and truly. Twice this week, he even told us he needed to go. WOW!

We're so sad to say good-bye to Carver's fantastic SLP, but our health insurance has changed and we've got to go where there are low co-pays and 90 visits a year. The entire benefits package is more expensive than before, but speech is a HUGE blessing. We were fortunate enough to skip a long waiting list and get in right away at a therapy center closer to home. For some reason, this whole change got me all emotional saying good-bye and that's just CRAZY. I don't cry when school ends, even when I love teachers for my girls. We've had some excellent teachers over the years, so I'm guessing that my strange emotional over-reaction is connected to the gratitude I feel to these special people who make such a difference in Carver's life. How embarrassing to cry, but what are you gonna do?! We have one more week and then we're switching over. I'm crossing my fingers we like this new SLP as much!

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Hey! Good luck with the switch to a new always hope it's the right makes all the difference in the world! Sounds like Carver is doing well.

If you don't mind me asking, who was his last SLP? Looking to maybe add more hours. :)