Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lesson #4: Mother knows best

Next week Carver will see a pediatric gastroenterologist at Children's Hospital to get to the bottom of his regurgitation. He's been "spitting up" continually since he was an infant. It was curdly milk for a while, lately it's been more acidic. I'll spare you too many details, but his chin is raw from the drool and occasionally has just terrible breath. He has also been addicted to milk/cheese/yogurt his whole life - which I think is his way to soothe his stomach. Doctors have REPEATEDLY blown me off - many different doctors. Last time she assured me that reflux would hurt, that the main symptom is stomach upset. Well, Carver's not going to be able to communicate that to me even if he realized that his stomach hurt - and I'm not sure he'd know. So I finally decided that as his mother, it's time to refer myself to a specialist. Of course, I called and made that oh-so-helpful pediatrician do the paperwork. I've talked to friends in the medical field and got some invaluable tips about other possibilities, procedures and ideas. I'm determined to see this through. If it means I break down and cry to the GI doctor next week, I'm not leaving without a plan.

It's not easy to work through referrals at this hospital, it's intimidating to go there without a full knowledge of the specialty, but I've done my research and I'm taking a list of symptoms and observations of Carver. The last mediocre doctor gave me a prescription (generic Zantac) to try and it's possibly helped the acidity of the regurgitation, but not the frequency. And I still don't feel comfortable blindly medicating what could be a more physical problem. I'll keep you posted.

I kick myself for not pushing the issue sooner, but I think I had my hands full with the rest of the sensory issues and now I've reached a plateau where I can tackle another set of problems. It reminds me of what I learned the first time around. When you know as a mother that something is wrong, you don't give up until you get the help your child needs. No good doctor should dismiss this motherly intuition, but so many do!! I just don't get that. Don't ever back down when you think something is wrong -with your child or yourself. It's worth pushing for answers!


Emperor of EUtopia said...

Go get 'em Rachael! Our prayers are always with your family!

Kari George (AKA Mom) said...


You CAN do this! With knowledge comes strength and with strength comes persistence! You WILL get to the bottom of this! Have faith...

I would also start keeping a journal of Carver's symptoms. Start now and keep it until his appointment next week. Keep track of what Carver eats (name and amount) along with specifics on the drool and any sort of regurgitation (what time did it happen, what did it look like, what was the odor, consistency, etc.,). I'd also keep track of what his body position was at the time of the regurgiation (was he laying down, jumping, running around, etc., ) The more info, the better. This may be helpful information for the doctor's next week. My goodness, take pictures if that helps you! You're a great photographer and pictures speak a thousand words. My kids always "act well" and "have zilch" symptoms when we're sitting in the doctor's this would help provide the ammunition!

Please, not hesitate asking me for help! I'm more than happy to offer my expertise...and my persistence with you! Remember, your mother's instinct is RIGHT...that' why Carver has been fortunate enough to have been diagnosed with SPD soooo very early! Give yourself a pat on the are an amazing mother and you are doing the right thing! Hang in there...big hugs to you!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I hope you get a good doc that really listens and I hope they figure it all out!