Monday, March 16, 2009

Potty success

Shame on me for not posting this picture in January - Carver had his FIRST success in the potty back then. He was delighted, he knew what happened and that he got to wear a Lightening McQueen pull-up as a reward. Wa-hoo! I've tried to put him on the toilet first thing in the morning, hoping it would be the best time. That particular day, his diaper was already wet and I can NOT believe he went again. And then 10 minutes later in the pull-up, too. Does he have amazing control? Or is something wrong? Who knows. I need to ask the dr. I was regular at this for a week or so and then I got lazy, then I forgot. But I remembered again today and he POOPED in the potty. He'd been sitting there less than a minute, recognized what was coming and sure enough - he did it! HURRAY!!! By no means do I think that we're "potty training." This is still very much PRE-potty training. I'm sure proud of Carver, all the same. :)


Alice Wills Gold said...

Only mothers can be so excited about poop.

Jared and Paige said...

I read a few posts back and thought about how I was so frustrated at stake conference on Sunday at the child, probably five, who had pushed my 18 month-old to the ground. I'd been tempted to judge that mother, but in the moment I had the thought, "What if he is autistic, or has some other disability?" I thought about it again later and realized that dismissing the behavior with this thought not only allowed me to refrain from sinning by judging that woman, it also allowed me to continue to feel the Spirit in that meeting. Your words are a good reminder about it too, and honsetly, I know that I am often the one hoping people won't judge me for my children's behaviors.