Thursday, February 12, 2009

heroes on the basketball court

This video isn't very long, but shows what a difference one outstanding coach and supportive friends can do. I cried and cried, especially at the end when the reporter talked about how he'd always felt different, but never THIS kind of different. I've learned that kids with special needs require a team to teach, educate and love them. I can't keep Carver in my house all the time, I have to trust him to teachers, bus drivers and other kids - to help him and to be kind. And with people like this out there, I have no need to worry. We are blessed with good friends now and I know that Carver will always have a cheering section, no matter what.


. said...

Totally made me a good way!

Sue said...

I saw this video for the first time YEARS ago - It STILL makes me cry when ever I watch it. And, You are right about Carver; he will always have a cheering section. You can't look into that little guys eyes and not want to be part of that crowd!!